You Don't Need a Password to Open a Brochure

Grahame Potter, Copywriter

Kick-Ass Brochure Copy

Grab Cover and Lift

There's always a good case for a bird in the hand. It's the same reason people print web pages. Away from competition, free from all clutter, brochures focus on one business only and demand the undivided attention of all interested parties.

Grahame uses brochures to tell the client story in a compelling manner that delivers far more detail than TV or print ads and promotes contact from front to back cover.

Make Sure They Don't File It

You don't have to look far to see an infinite number of wrong ways to write a brochure: brochures that tell all and ask for nothing, brochures that rave about the company while ignoring the customer, brochures that ramble and the ill-fated retention piece.

Books are retained, brochures are filed and once filed, they're forgotten. So...

Make Sure it's Read

Funny to hear from a writer but the more there is to read, the fewer will read it. Grahame knows the true value of a brochure is to spark interest, invite questions and achieve contact. He works to accomplish this by using heads and subs to make every point count, tight text to keep readers reading, and calls-to-action to elicit response.

The Work Should Tell you what you Need to Know

Reaching Objectives Means you Made the Right Call

Before presenting any copy to you, here's the test Grahame puts it through. "If the ability to put food on the table for my own family tonight depended on the success of this copy, what would I change? Until the answer is Nothing!, I still have work to do."