Grahame Potter, Copywriter

Kick-Ass Copy

When Missing the Mark isn't an Option

Farming out Copy can be a Risky Business

You never know what you're going to get. It can be especially difficult when "eager to please" meets "insufficient experience".

By getting it right the first time, Grahame reduces stress, relieves headaches and resolves sleepless nights. And if you missed hiring Grahame at the start of the project, call him now and he'll dig you out of the hole.

Your Best Bet is Someone Who Knows What They're Doing

Just as you wouldn't trust your investment portfolio to an unproven manager, you don't want mission-critical marketing going to lightweights.

Toronto-based freelancer, Grahame Potter, is a multi-award-winning writer who has created cutting-edge consumer and b2b campaigns for over 35 industries throughout Canada and the U.S. Employing a 30+ year overview of the entire marketing mix, Grahame writes websites, landing pages, e-blasts, articles, brochures, outdoor and transit ads, newsletters, sales letters, and slogans you can hang your brands on.

The Work Should Tell you what you Need to Know

Reaching Objectives Means you made the Right Call

Before presenting any copy to you, here's the test Grahame puts it through. "If the ability to put food on the table for my own family tonight depended on the success of this copy, what would I change? Until the answer is Nothing!, I still have work to do."