Content is King

Grahame Potter, Copywriter

Kick-Ass Web Copy

Copy is the Crown

Web copy not only steers search, it carries the product, the offer, sales letter, brochure, order form and every other messaging function intrinsic to digital marketing. Copywriters seldom have experience in all of these areas, let alone all together. There is however one exception: the writer with experience in direct marketing*.

It is Grahame's ability to apply DM to the web that brings assurance of relevance, rivets attention, inspires conversion and ultimately enhances the value of key words.

Google Reads SEO, Buyers Read Copy

So they found you. Now what? With the exception of fully automated e-commerce sites, websites can be forgotten as fast as they're found when they fail to grab attention with an immediately emotive landing page.

Grahame enjoys creating emotion and expanding it with text that flows without effort, while inviting positive decision at every opportunity.

The View Beyond keywords

Grahame has been online since there's been a line to be on. He writes websites from scratch, from maps and from old sites requiring new impact.

His style is described as smart copy tuned to a target. It results in communication that connects, convinces and converts. It can add a tremendous edge to performance.

The Work Should Tell you what you Need to Know

Reaching Objectives Means you Made the Right Call

Before presenting any copy to you, here's the test Grahame puts it through. "If the ability to put food on the table for my own family tonight depended on the success of this copy, what would I change? Until the answer is Nothing!, I still have work to do."